You Have Got To See This Magnificent Big Bend Log Home

The Big Bend log house design is just one of the vast array of wood cabins you can choose. The Big Bend log house has 2,475 square feet of living space spread out over two floors. On the first floor of the Big Bend cabin building, there are 1,792 square feet of living space. The first floor has a great room that opens to above, a dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, laundry room, garage and covered porch. The second floor of the Big Bend log house has 683 square feet of living space with the master bedroom and loft area that opens to below. You will want to take a closer look at this classic log house design that you are sure to love. With plenty of log house features to include the stone fireplace in the great room, handcrafted logs, antler lighting fixtures, log railings, and a gourmet kitchen you are sure to walk away with some log house inspiration for a cabin building of your own.

If you are thinking about a future log house purchase, you are not alone. Log houses are known for their cozy, modern, and warm appeal. And these days there is a wide variety of log house designs to choose from, with one to fit most any budget. A log house is especially appealing in today's busy life, where everyday stresses sometimes encourage people to look back to the past and the sort of homes that many people lived in such as wood cabins and log houses. Log houses also offer benefits to people who suffer from asthma and allergies as wood is beneficial for healthy living. In many European countries, especially Scandinavian ones, 80 percent to 90 percent of houses are wooden. Nowadays, in Norway, there are also wooden kindergartens that are becoming more and more popular, and in Western Europe, a log house design is associated with prestige, a healthy way of life, ecology and is considered to be a cost-effective and stable home design. The Danes, Germans, and French all tend to build log houses from profiled machine processed logs, while people in Norway mostly value the wood cabins made of logs which have been processed by hands.

Wood is a natural ecological building material that does not have any negative effects on your health. Research shows that the natural colour of spruce and pine used in log houses has a positive effect on one's psyche as they calm the neural system and help to create good conditions for relaxation. Electrostatic timber and wooden building materials have qualities that ensure that no static electricity accumulates inside the log house design meaning that dust does not move, and usually, it is the movement of dust that aggravates allergies. So, a wood cabin is perfect as a permanent living space, not only as a vacation home residence. Building a log house can include all the details of a regular home design with high-quality windows and doors, long-lasting roof covering, modern finish, and all the other advantages of modern life.

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