Wood House Extends Living Space Beyond Its Indoors

You will want to take a look inside this beautiful wood cabin design by award winning Portland-based architecture firm Boora Architects. The log house design is located on the Oregon coastline with 180-degree views of the forest, trees and the lake right outside. The designers incorporated the space with plenty of outdoor entertaining areas, with living spaces that extend the living spaces beyond its 2,865 square foot footprint. The outdoor spaces increase the wood cabin design by almost 1/3 its interior size.

With wood and timber at every turn of this wood cabin design, space feels modern yet warm. The creamy caramel tone is used in every inch of the wood cabin design from the ceilings, the floors, and the walls. The wood is also used in the kitchen cabinets to various built-in furniture pieces like the beds and the shelving throughout the design. By using a uniform material such as the wood, it compliments the marble, and the wood cabin enjoys a seamless flow from one living area to the next. The open concept design makes space feel larger than it is. There are three wings that make up this home, which form a U-shape to surround a central courtyard, which offers privacy with inward focused views while still managing to open up the wood cabin to lovely lakefront vistas. The upper level main living area of this log house design boasts windows that stretch from 8 to a 15 feet tall, which gives the interior plenty of natural light.

This wood cabin could be used for full-time living or as the perfect vacation home. A wood cabin vacation getaway may be more important than people realize. Chronic stress can take a toll on the body's ability to resist infection, to avoid injury and to maintain vital functions. When you are feeling tired and stressed, you are more likely to become ill, you are more likely to have accidents, and your arteries can take a beating. When you are feeling stressed out your sleep can also be affected, you may also not properly digest your food, and the genetic material in the cells of your body may then start to become altered in a not so good way. Mentally, stress causes people to be more irritable, anxious, and depressed, and your memory may also serve you as well, and you might make poorer decisions. There is also a good chance that you are not as fun to be around which may then cause you to become more depressed, isolated, and lonely. So if you are stressed, it's important to try and make time for yourself and family to spend quality time together. That's where a vacation log house design can come into play. So it's safe to say that stress is not a good thing. With that said vacations away and vacation log homes are great at helping to break the stress cycle you may be experiencing. When you come back from a holiday away, you will just feel better overall about not only your job but other things in your life. A vacation wood cabin is a good way to gain new perspective on your problems, to relax with family and friends, and take a break from usual routines. A prefab vacation home built close to nature, and away from your routine is a good chance to relax both mentally and physically.

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