Ultramodern Reinvention Of Traditional Woodland Cabin With Timber Structure

This beautiful home design is an ultramodern reinvention of traditional woodland cabin. With it's timber structure, this is quite the impressive build. The home was built in Australia for a couple who wanted something a little different for their vacation home. They shared their dream home plans with the architects at Paul Morgan Architects and the designers came up with this beautiful home design. It's very different from anything we've ever seen before, but yet it still has a lot of the lovely qualities of a traditional log home or cabin. The exposed, natural timbers and beams in the home design really create that natural look which is so stunning in juxtaposition to the clean lines and modern style of the interior design concepts. There is also a beautiful mixture of organic, curvy lines in the design as well as straight lines and angles. It's the mixing of the two seemingly different styles that makes for such an interesting design that looks like a work of art as well as a home. There are also hints of midcentury modern style within the design concept, with a new, evolved take on a beloved architectural design.

Seeing the home from the outside, we notice an abundance of floor to ceiling windows which cater to the modern style of the home and add practical solutions for lighting and passive heating and cooling. The natural forest light pouring in through the windows is mesmerizing, and the views surrounding the home are incredible. Having windows of this size creates a seamless flow into the outside world which allows the inhabitants to feel as though they are living right in nature. Both living in nature and in a wooden home is shown to have amazing health benefits, increasing the overall wellbeing of the dwellers as well as a decrease of stress symptoms. Studies have been done that show living in a wood house can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. If you just think how you feel when you're out on a hike in nature, or sitting in a forest, this is the feeling you could have all the time when living in a natural setting like this one, in a home built out of natural materials.

Since people have been using wood for such a long time to build houses and buildings, it has become an integral part of our world. It's far better to embrace natural materials than newer synthetic materials that don't have the same properties or benefits. As you can see, within the home, the architectural design embraces the use of all wood surfaces. Everything from the flooring to the walls and the ceiling are constructed out of wood, making for a beautifully cozy interior atmosphere. The lighting is quite unique as well, made from panes of white glass set into the wood. There are also plenty of pocket ceiling lights as well for extra overhead lighting. Beside the cute kitchen area, there is an old style wood burning stove that's used to heat the home, yet again implementing the old into the new. All of the furniture is quite sleek and modern, which provides clean sight lines making the space feel larger than it actually may be and there is mainly built in furniture that is perfectly customized to the home's design. If this home doesn't have you wanting to work on your own dream house plans, it will definitely leave you feeling inspired. You can also check out more of Paul Morgan Architect's work on their website which is linked on the Trendir website at the bottom of the post.***

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