Sophisticated and Charming 3444 Sq. Ft. L-Shaped Log Cabin Is Perfect for Family, Must See!

This 2,002 square foot log cabin design is just one of the log house design you might consider when looking for a log home. Log house living is more popular than ever with plenty of designs to choose from. This quality cabin builder builds log house designs and logs cabin designs along with saunas, and car ports. A log house design or log cabin design is the perfect place to live full-time or for use as a vacation home or weekend getaway. Log cabin designs are healthy to live in as they use natural building materials and provide a home you can feel good about owning.

The green roof on this log house design is what sets this log home apart from others. Green roofs and living are environmentally friendly and have many purposes when used on top of a log house design or cabin. Green roofs can help with absorbing rainwater, create a natural habitat for wildlife, decrease stress in people while providing insulation for the home. Green roofs are also aesthetically beautiful to look at which in turn makes people feel better overall. Green roofs are also known to help lower the air temperatures in urban locations.

Log cabin design resonates comfort and warmth, and this log cabin design exudes both. Logs are one of the best natural building materials you will find especially if they come from sustainable forests that are well maintained. A log cabin design is also considered a green and environmentally friendly type of build. On top of being a green build, log cabin designs are known to withstand many things that the environment throws at them. A log house design can withstand cold, high winds, and extreme weather conditions and these homes are built to last. Log cabin designs may also be one of the most fire resistants builds you will find. There have been stories of fires that have burnt around log cabin designs and homes that have been well built. You may have heard of a log house design that was affected by a fire whose structural integrity was not destroyed. The size of the logs in the log house design is one factor that will affect how badly the log house designs damaged by fire, with larger logs being the better choice. A log home design that has been well-built has solid walls that have a fire resistive nature. It is the insulating response of the charred wood in a log house design combined with the rate that is very slow at which the fire spreads along the log surface is what makes these homes fire resistant. A well-built log house design should have no concealed cavities in the walls for the fire to travel. These are just some of the reasons that make log house designs one of the best fire resistant homes. Using logs for building material in log house designs, veranda posts, trusses, and roof beams goes a long way to making log cabin designs safe and fire resistant. If anything it is reassuring to know that your house may withstand a fire. This protective log surface char coat that you find in log house designs is similar to what you find in manmade synthetic chemicals that are created exclusively and used as fire retardants that help to protect building materials and buildings from fires. These are just a few of the factors that make log cabin designs so popular.

This is just one of the log cabin designs you will find on the Blockhaus: Midsummer Cottage site. These log cabin builders have a variety of log cabin designs to choose from. **

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