One-Of-A-Kind Tiny Apartment On Manhattan Unfolds Into Infinite Spaces

It's said that good things come in small packages and when it comes to this tiny origami apartment in Manhattan, that's completely true. The apartment is home to Eric Schneider and his partner, and it's such a cute space. Eric bought the 450 square foot apartment in 2005 which was the largest apartment he could afford at the time. He paid $235,000 for this home, and while he liked many things about it, he also knew that he wanted to create a more functional space. So he brought in architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects to work their magic and make his apartment work better for him. The architects created a functional piece that's in the centre of his apartment and changes functions throughout the day. It looks like a cabinet, and there are different things that pull out of it creating a bed, walls, tables, shelving and even closet space. All Eric has to do is fold out the various pieces, and in short order, he has himself a bedroom area. There are even built-in nightstand. Then, on the other side of the wall that's created is an office space and shelving for books and media. The walls also create a guest bedroom out of the living room area, and the sofa changes into a single bed.

The unit can also close up completely to allow for more space to entertain guests. The architects called this the Unfolding Apartment. Eric chose to have his apartment designed in this way though not only to make small house living easier, but also because he loves Japanese architecture and design and they way that everything has a place and a purpose. He spent some time teaching in Japan when he was a young adult which allowed him to gain an appreciation for minimalism which Japanese people truly embrace. This is also why he called his space the Origami Apartment. It cost Eric $70,000 to remodel his apartment which includes the bathroom renovation, as well as all of the cabinetry, kitchen appliances, furniture and accessories. When you watch the video on YouTube from Kirsten Dirksen, you'll see Chen explaining the custom cabinetry and get a tour of the apartment. This is such a great idea for little houses, and it would be great to see more people taking advantage of smaller spaces. It shows that small house living doesn't have to be cramped and crowded, it can be very clean and very functional.

The architects have also done this type of work in other New York apartments creating spaces that people can really enjoy living in. They custom design pieces like the piece in Eric's apartment for other people to fit their style and the design of the home. This is perfect for people who don't want to live in a large home or who can't afford the price of a larger home or apartment. With home prices at an all-time high, it's great that there are so many new options coming to light now including taking small spaces and making them work. Tiny houses on wheels are another great idea for those who don't want to buy real estate. They offer an affordable solution that can also be mobile which is great for people with jobs that keep them on the go or moving around a lot. People are also building little houses in their yards to serve as rental properties or homes that people can actually purchase. Enjoy checking out Eric's apartment and see just how amazing it really is. If you're inspired, check out more of the projects from MKCA.***

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