Bellewood Log Home: Modified To Customers Specifications, Check It Out!

With so many great log house designs, it's understandable if you're having a hard time choosing just one to be your forever home. Having a look at some of the incredible log house designs from Honest Abe Log Homes might help you out though. This is the Bellewood Log Home Plan from Honest Abe Log Homes that's been customized to suit a customer's specifications. It's great when you can find a log home building company that not only builds beautiful houses, but also will customize their designs for you to suit your needs. The first step to building a log home is, of course, finding the perfect design. It really helps if you know what you want and you have a clear vision for your log house design. Investing in a log house means investing in your future because log houses will last a lifetime or even longer. In fact, there are still some log houses that have been standing since the 1600s in the US and in Europe, there are even older log structures that have been around for more than 500 years. That's pretty impressive and makes your choice a lot easier since you know a log home will stand the test of time.

Honest Abe Log Homes has several different log home building packages and designs that you can look through to see which one you like the most. Take your time when looking for the perfect log house design and have a list of your must-have items in your log house. Do you need at least 3 bedrooms? How many bathrooms do you need? Are there any special rooms you'd like to have added to the design like a sunroom or an exercise room? Honest Abe Log Homes is a very well known log home building company in Moss, Tennessee. They've been in the log home building business since 1979, which means they have a lot of experience building log houses so they are a company you can trust. They have built over 5000 homes over the years which is very impressive, and people always have good things to say about their work. Choosing the company, you're going to have build your log house is also a very important factor in the building process. You want to work with a company that's easy to collaborate with, easy to communicate with and that takes your build seriously.

The Bellewood Log House design was created for Honest Abe customers, the Daniels, using the original Bellewood design tailored to their needs. Tom and Kathy Daniel are from Pinellas County, Florida, but they have made their home in Tennessee living in their beloved log house that Honest Abe built for them. They wanted to get away from the crowds and the busyness of Florida and retreat to more peaceful living in the country. Tom was also retiring so he definitely wanted to slow down his pace of life. What better way to do that than to live in a log house in the country? Once they found their piece of land, they set out to find the perfect log house design to create the home of their dreams. The couple learned about Honest Abe Log Homes from the realtor that helped them find their land, and they drove past the factory while they were looking at properties. They went in and grabbed some pamphlets and set out to find their perfect design and the rest is history. Just look at the beautiful finished result, and it's safe to say that Tom and Kathy got their dream house in the country.***

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