7 Amazing Tiny Homes With Spacious House Feeling - Floorplans available!

It's true, living in a tiny house with other people might get a bit crowded at times. But stretching the space out over a couple of stories can help to create some much-needed privacy. So if you've been considering building a tiny house but you're worried that you might miss having space to yourself, consider building a tiny house with more than one story. Even having a loft can give you just that little bit of extra space that you might need. These tiny house designs from Smaller Living show us just how great tiny houses with upper levels can be. You will have space for a private bedroom or even an office space, or maybe a guest bedroom. Having a second story will also be great if you have kids so they have a space to themselves and so you have a space to yourself. You can also consider building your tiny house design on a basement foundation that you finish and add bedrooms to. This way you're making use of the foundation that would be there anyway, and you can save money on building materials when you build a smaller home.

You could build a tiny house like this traditional cottage from Architectural Designs. Here you can see that no space is wasted in this design. The home features 664 square feet of living space with a great kitchen that includes an island. There's even a laundry room, and a half bathroom on the main floor too. Then, the bedroom is upstairs too with sloping ceilings and lots of closet space as well as its own private bathroom. Next up is a two bedroom home from Floorplans. This spacious tiny house design features 980 square feet of living space with a nice sized kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and a half bathroom. On the upper level, there is the master bedroom and a second bedroom each with their own bathrooms and large closets. Another great tiny house design comes to us from Family Home Plans with 991 square feet of living space. This time one bedroom is located on the first floor of the home and a beautiful master suite is on the second floor. For larger families, there are smaller home options too. Like a three bedroom home with 992 square feet of space. This tiny house design from Floorplans features one of the three bedrooms on the main floor with the other two upstairs. One of the plans even features a detached garage with a lot of storage space and two bedrooms on the upper level.

The largest of all the floor plans in this list is the one from Architectural Designs that is 1000 square feet. The home enters the living room from the covered front porch. One of the bedrooms and a bathroom with a tub are on the main floor with the master bedroom and bathroom upstairs. These floor plans show that you can fit just what you need into a smaller floor plan and that having another level on your home can really improve the overall flow of the space. Also, building up in your home costs less than building out which is a great thing to keep in mind if you're on a tight budget. These smaller homes would also be great for small lots or to build as accessory dwelling units in a city where people need affordable housing. Check out all 7 of these tiny house designs and see which one is your favourite, and if you're looking to build a tiny house of your own, get some inspiration for your own build.***

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