14 Year Old Made Her Own Classy Tiny Home From The Old Camper For $300 - Unbelievable!

The tiny house movement is helping people all over the world to own their own home and get out of debt. Tiny houses also provide people with extra space to enjoy some time for themselves, or they can be a great project to work on. That's what one 1974 camper turned into for Ellie Yeater, a 14-year-old from Williamstown, West Virgina. This inspiring young lady took her summer break to create a beautifully upgraded camper that's now a tiny space for her to call her own. Ellie has always loved out of the box ideas, so when she wanted to create her own glamourized camper or Glamper as she would call it. She and her family live on 60 acres, and her older brother Isaiah had already built a small cabin for himself as a little hangout space, so that's where she got the idea to create her own, but cuter and with electricity and Wifi. She saved up around $500 of her own money to create it. She found a 1974 Wilderness camper in the local buy and sell adds, and she was able to buy it for only $200. She then used the remaining $300 to buy all of the materials to renovate the camper, and her parents helped her a bit here and there too. Like most older campers, Ellie's camper needed a lot of work, but she was eager to get started.

The camper was completely gutted, then cleaned and repaired. Ellie's grandpa taught her carpentry skills and helped her out, and her dad really helped her during the process too. Once the camper was moved to its spot, she painted the exterior using a light coloured Anti-Rust Armor paint from Valspar. With some inspiration from Pinterest, she chose a cool retro peach and blue theme for the interior and painted it all herself too. She also installed floor tiles that look like hardwood which give the interior a homey feel. Her grandmother did all of the upholstery for the seat cushions and made some curtains which look great in the camper. She also collected items for her Glamper all summer including a mannequin and a retro electric fan. As summer neared a close, the Glamper was all finished, and Ellie was very happy with the results of all her hard work and grateful for the help of her family. She plans on using her Glamper to have sleepovers with friends, or for herself to practice her ukelele and to read.

Having a project like this is such a great way for teens to learn about creating something of their own. It's also the perfect way for them to individuate and have a private space of their own where they can just be by themselves. For younger people, building a tiny house on wheels would also be a great way to save money on rent when going to college yet still have a private place of their own. Small house living would be a wonderful way for the younger generation to stay out of debt and save up for a home of their own too. Many people live in tiny houses to get out of debt too, which is such a great idea. Others live in a tiny house on wheels so that they can travel around and live in different places, or because they have a job that keeps them moving around. Updating an old camper as Ellie did would also be a great idea for those who want the charm of a vintage camper in a revitalized form. Check out Ellie's Glamper for some serious inspiration.***

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